Well, I haven’t blogged in just about forever. It’s been almost a year… My freshman year is basically over at school (there are like, twelve or so days left, I’m not sure). I’m excited for summer… Lots of fun things are planned 🙂 Two of my cousins are getting married this summer, which will definitely be fun! Anyway, I can’t wait for summer!!!! Only twelve more days of school! 🙂 I will definitely be posting more often this summer, as I’ll have more time… School has definitely been busy!



So…. I just got back from Stone Harbor. Literally. We just finished unpacking the car. So I’m not going to write much now. I had a good birthday, and I got to make everyone do whatever I wanted, including getting into the icy, 59 degree ocean. That was fun…. 🙂 And I got breakfast-in-bed, a chocolate croissant, and peace-a-pizza pizza for lunch… which is kinda a tradition. I don’t know if anyone kept the site updated while we were away… I think it was…. 🙂 The beach was nice and warm and sunny everyday but the very last, and then it was extremely hot and humid, but the water was warmer, so we could go swimming without the risk of hypothermia. But then it started to thunder and lightning so we had to get out of the water… But I had a really fun trip…. So I’ll write more later…:) Maybe I’ll add some pictures…. I’ll have to download some before I post them. Oh well.

Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day! Happy Father’s day everybody! Anyway, today we went to a Father’s Day Party at my Aunt Judy’s and then we went to mass (Michael served). This morning we made my dad breakfast-not-in-bed, which was eggs, a bagel, coffee, and angel food cake. Yum…. 🙂 And later, we had delicious ribs for dinner, which are my favorite, other than cheese ravioli. Yummmm!!!!!!!!  Next we gave Dad his presents and then took this picture:

(from left to right) this is Katherine, me, John, Dad and Michael. Mom took the picture, so unfortunately, she is not pictured. Sometime soon we’ll have to take a picture with her in it…. 🙂

Ok. That’s all I have to post for today! Happy Father’s Day!

Last Day of School

So two days ago, Katherine’s birthday, was also the last day of school! So school is over, and I have the entire summer until I’m a freshman. In less than two weeks (12 days) I’ll be fourteen! We’ll be at the beach for my birthday…. 🙂 I can’t wait to go to the beach!!!! yay!!! 🙂 It’s so nice out…. Sunny and warm…. not too hot…. 🙂 I got really sunburned at our school pool party, though, so I’m trying not to get too sunburned before the beach….. 🙂 I need a new book to read….. hmmm…. Anybody have any good suggestions? If you have any good books, leave a comment! 🙂 I’ll post later….

Katherine’s Birthday

So two days ago was Katherine’s sweet sixteen. Happy birthday, Katherine! My mom and I set it up so she had a surprise party with six of her friends. It was funny, because she thought I was out to lunch with her friends! 🙂 I think they had fun…. I just took pictures when she got there, and then left. It’s been hot…. I’m glad it’s summer!

End of the Year…

So the school year is almost over. Ok, it pretty much is over. I have four days (officially) of school. The second to last day of school is a pool party, and of course the last day of school doesn’t count. Why would it? We just sign yearbooks all day. Anyway. Tonight’s the penguins game. I hope they win. That’d be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? To come back…. Monday’s game was crazy. With three over times. Wow. I think it went on until almost one in the morning. I don’t know. I fell asleep. Wow. I’m almost finished with eighth grade. I mean, in four days I won’t ever go back to eighth grade. I’ll be in high school. I’m excited for high school. The only thing that I’m worried about is getting lost all of the time, but people say that’s really easy. So it should be fun. Wow. It’s almost summer…. That’s pretty sweet. This year went by sooooo fast!!!! Like, it seems like just yesterday I was shopping for my first day of school outfit…. And then I was in bit, then tech ed… Now I’m in art… It switches every quarter. Wow. I don’t want to leave! Well…. I probably won’t be writing as frequently, or maybe I’ll be writing more frequently than usual. I don’t know… It depends on how my summer goes. Probably nothing will happen, but I’ll have a lot more free time, so it’ll balance out with how much I write. So… I’ll write more about the pool party and last day of school and such.


Yeah, there’s nothing really interesting happening today… I had softball pictures… and it rained a lot. There was also May Mart… Katherine and I were in charge of the moon bounce… that was pretty uneventful… Hmm…. Nothing much else happening… My games this weekend have all been rained out so far, and it’s still raining, but I hope it’ll stop and dry before our game tomorrow at seven. I had to get up at seven-ish to go to pictures… And then our game was canceled… 😦 Which was sad… Anyway… Nothing eventful… So there’s nothing much to write about… Yeah. Ok… I’ll write later…